Every dollar counts

We believe in generating more sales so that we can continue to sustain our Menstrual education programs and do more good to our society. Your decision to purchase Glory sanitary napkins is very vital for the growth of our business as well as helping us expand our Menstrual Education programs. We have a suistanable way of supporting the Menstrual Health Education Programs through sales of Glory Sanitary napkins where 10% of profit is invested back to the Menstrual education
Each year, starting 2019 we will be running a contest where the most vulnurable 3 schools will be sponsored to receive Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene Management Education and all the progress reports will be shared through our website
In each school we will train a minimum of 500 students in a year and cost per training per school per year is 6250$ which can be raised by the purchase of 40,600 packets of Glory pads in a year = 3385 packets per month

There are two ways of supporting our mission
1. By purchasing Glory Sanitary Napkins for your personal use and 10% of profit will be invested back to Menstrual education Programs; CLICK here for purchase
2. By purchasing Glory Sanitary Napkins in bulk and donate to our local partners who are supporting disadvantage girls and women. 10% of profit will be invested back to Menstrual education Programs;CLICK here for purchase