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You don't need to move mountains to make a difference. My experience has taught me that the capacity to dream big is not confined to any country, age, or gender. The desire to take initiative, be your own boss, advance your life, and improve the world is universal as long as you keep in mind, the roadblocks are universal too

Hyasintha Ntuyeko is a passionate social entrepreneur who started her journey in 2010 as a sole proprietor immediately after she graduated from St. Joseph College of Engineering and Technology in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Her training there prepared her to challenge her status quo by revolutionizing the Menstrual Health narrative and helping others in the process. Through her own menstrual challenges which were mainly in cramps and poor quality of sanitary pads, Hyasintha decided to be part of the solution by importing quality sanitary pads from Kenya through the support of her Aunt Vicky and her friends: Rogathe Mbise and Neema Bakari. This experience opened up her eyes and made her realize the magnitude of the Menstrual Hygiene challenges to women; bringing quality pads was not enough to solve the crisis. Women and girls were struggling with social taboos, access to water, infrastructure for disposal, limited knowledge on menstrual hygiene management, and many of these women couldn’t afford buying menstrual pads every month. Hyasintha felt the urge of committing her career as a social entrepreneur through bringing

innovation to this field, which had been held back in areas of innovation for many years. However, change doesn't come without sacrifice. In 2012, Hyasintha's Kenyan supplier became highly inconsistent something which pushes her to start thinking outside the box Hyasintha's innovative product and imaginative solutions to the menstrual health crisis created the company we know today.
There are three ways that we change the world:
1. Through selling Innovative bamboo made sanitary pads
2. We created an innovative model for education, which includes boys and men; we strongly believe in our mission where 10% of our profit is invested back to menstrual education
3. We build innovative communities where we work with local charity organizations and our customers can also purchase Glory Sanitary Napkins in bulk and donate them to our local partners. Not only will 10% of your purchase go towards funding for education, but your donation will also help the local charity that receives it. It’s a win-win
Our plan here at Glory Sanitary Napkins is to amplify our impact by continuing to increase our sells and hence be able to set a local factory in Tanzania by 2027 and expand our menstrual education programs to 5 countries in Africa by 2024. In short, our business continues to grow as our innovative solutions impact our environment.

Accolades and Partnerships

  1. Voice of America- Menstrual Hygiene in Africa
  2. BBC-Swahilli- Women Leaders in Global Health (see clip at 9:14)
  1. Forbes- Global Good Fund Fellow
  2. She Inspires Her
  3. Women Economic Imperative
  4. Pan African Women in Health
  5. UNFPA– Youth Voices Deciphering Menstruation for African Girls and Women
  6. StartupGrind- In Partnership With Google
  1. Global Good Fund Fellow
  2. Mandela Washington Fellow
  3. Africa Young Entrepreneur Award Winner